Stream Racing at Play Fortuna Casino

Stream Race in Play Fortuna (рус. Стрим Рейс ) is a competition, conducted between casino players who broadcast the game on their declared online slots for their viewers, and during the broadcasts, they share their impressions of the game, give advice and communicate with the audience.

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Participants of the competition, as they complete the quests, accumulate points, the total number of which determines the winners. Streamers also have the opportunity to receive donations from viewers, so they are interested in conducting interesting streams and attracting a larger audience.

In which casinos are streamer races held?

Tournaments between streamers are organized as part of advertising campaigns conducted by the casino promo departments to attract new players. They are also very popular among players and spectators, therefore, they are arranged in different formats in many online casinos. Among them:

  • Recommended casinos:
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    • Argo;
    • BitStarz;
    • GunsBet;
    • GoldFishka
    • Casino-X;
    • Drift Casino;
    • Jolly Roger;
    • Казино 777;
    • Crystal Casino;
    • Joycasino;
    • TTR Casino;
    • Loki;
    • BOB;
    • BetitAll;
    • Fresh;
    • Jetspin;
    • Riobet;
    • RedPingWin;
    • ROX;
    • SlotV;
    • Slotum;
    • MrBit;
    • Energy;
    • Columbus;
    • PlayAmo;
    • Pin-Up;
    • APlay;
    • Frank;
    • IVI;
    • Everum;
    • FastPay;
    • KingBilly;
    • N1 Casino;
    • Champion;
    • Casumo;
    • Pokerdom;
    • Wunderino;
    • Wildblaster;
    • ZigZag777;
    • Vavada;
    • Videoslots.

What are the prizes?

Stream race participants compete both for valuable prizes from the casino and for the attention of the audience, because many viewers support their favorites with money transfers. Thus, streamers have the opportunity to receive several prizes in one tournament:

  • Money, cars (audi q8), motorcycles, expensive equipment - iPhone, iPad Pro, Apple iMac, game consoles, quadrocopters, gameplay microphones, TVs. These are valuable gifts that are usually raffled between participants who have taken leading positions in the standings.
  • Free spins, cashbacks and other types of comforting gifts that are provided for players who are not among the leaders of the race.
  • Donations to a personal account - voluntary contributions from viewers who support the streamer during the broadcast. If desired, the player has the right to use them for real money bets and further participation in the tournament.

How long do races last and how often are they?

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The duration of each stream race is determined by its rules, but in total is 1-2 months. The tournament itself is divided into several stages, which must be sequentially passed one after another. In some of them, a clearly limited period of time is also allocated for each stage. After it, the results are summed up, and the exact position of the participants in the standings is determined. When the race comes to the end, the results of all stages are summed up and entered in the general table, which allows you to determine the leaders who get the most valuable prizes.

Tournaments between streamers in Play Fortuna are held on a regular basis on average 2 times a year. On the official website of an online casino in the "News" section, relevant information about the start of a new race and its rules always appears. In order not to miss the start of the stream race, it is recommended to subscribe to the casino newsletter and be among the first to receive notifications of upcoming events.

Who can take part?

Participants in the race are players who:

  • They are able to interestingly comment on their actions during long streams, while reading the audience’s messages in live chat and answering their questions. They guarantee high quality video and audio materials.
  • They have a good Internet connection, otherwise the broadcast of the game on the slots that are held on the Youtube or Twitch platforms will be cut off, which will spoil the audience’s impressions of the stream.
  • They have free time so that they can regularly spend 3-4 hours in the streamrace period.
  • Understood in gaming topics, are able to give recommendations to beginners and shares interesting news.

What are the conditions for participating in a stream race?

To take part in streamrace, you need to fulfill a number of simple conditions:

  1. Register on the Stream race page.
  2. Spend 3 live streams with playing online slots.
  3. Register for the current race in the Tournaments section of the official Play Fortuna website.
  4. Fill out the application for participation in the competition and send it to the casino email or live chat.
  5. Get the password to enter the tournament at the e-mail specified during registration.

Cash back in a stream race

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In Play Fortuna, registered players receive a cashback weekly - a partial refund of money spent at the casino. A similar system of bonuses also operates as part of stream races, when some of the money lost is returned to all participants and spectators. The conditions and date of receipt of cashback depend on the particular tournament, so you should carefully read them before it starts. General rules are as follows:

  • Players and spectators are paid a cashback on deposits made at the online casino Bui or Play Fortuna.
  • In total, 10 cashback activations are available - 5 in each casino.
  • Refund is charged within 24 hours after replenishment of the account from $ 20 and above.
  • Charges are made subject to the absence of applications for withdrawal of money from the casino and the availability of at least $ 1 on the main account.

Distinctive features of stream races

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Streamlines are unique in that they are broadcast live, because players broadcast their passage on Youtube or Twitch. They are beneficial for the participants, as valuable prizes are drawn in them. Streamers also receive donations from spectators who follow the race, go to support their favorite and help him get out in the lead. In addition, stream races provide for a number of other differences from regular tournaments.


Each intermediate stage of the race has its own list of tasks that must be completed on the slots specified in the rules in order to get prize points. For example, in one round it will be proposed to collect a certain number of wild symbols, and in another - to win free spins. The more complex the tasks in the stages, the higher the reward for completing them. The stream race page details the conditions of each round.

Slots and Betting

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The competition includes only those slot machines in which progressive jackpots are not played. During the passage of the stages, participants are prohibited from simultaneously launching several slots, otherwise the accumulated points will be canceled. There are also requirements for bets: one less than $ 0.40 cannot be put on one payline in each participating slot machine. It is also forbidden to reduce the number of active lines, which is automatically provided in a particular slot.


Competition results are summarized by counting the points earned by players. Each stream race has its own characteristics, but the general rules are as follows:

  • For each successfully completed quest of the racing stage, the streamer receives a certain number of points. They summarize and determine the player’s position in the standings.
  • Points for completing quests are awarded taking into account the rate coefficient. The higher the bet per spin, the higher this ratio.
  • For one task, the reward is awarded only once, so there is no point in re-performing it.
  • Those gamblers who faster than the others consistently complete the last quests, additionally receive money in the account.
  • Three participants with the highest multiplication coefficient during the final rating calculation receive gift points - 1000, 800 and 600 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively.
  • The player who has completed the maximum number of drifts, additionally claims 1000 points. If there are several participants, points are equally distributed between them.
  • Streamers are additionally awarded 10 points for each screenshot sent to the drift.

Cash prizes

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During the racing period, participants are entitled to post on the contest website an unlimited number of links to winnings with a coefficient above x100. Together with them it is necessary to indicate the stage number, the name of the slot machine, the bet and the size of the winnings. The only condition is to publish links within 24 hours after the drift, otherwise they will not be relevant. All points indicated in them are summarized and determine the position of the streamer in the ranking of the competition.

Play Fortuna Casino regularly organizes stream races - streamer races, in which prizes are raffled. They are watched for free and without registration by spectators who are invited to chat online and support the voluntary contributions of their favorites. Streamers who regularly broadcast, share casino gaming experiences, acquire their own audience and have the chance to become popular bloggers.

Interesting facts and frequently asked questions. ❔❔❔

How did the stream race to the casino come about?

The first stream race to come up with and created at Play Fortuna Casino. Since then, top streamers have been participating in this casino and it is here that the biggest prize-winning ones.

What were the names of past stream races?

Original names of previous races:

  • Stream Race [Quest Slots]
  • Stream Race [Dont Panic]
  • Stream Race [XXX]
  • Stream Race 3019
  • Stream Race 8
  • Stream Race 9

Who most often won in stream races

The absolute champion for today is the streamer Vituss - he has 2 victories , and in the very first and last stream race. If we count along with other prizes, then the Vituss tape drive has one second place and one third. Behind it is the streamer LUDOJOP , which has 1 first place and one second. And the streamer vezunchiki closes the top three with 1 first place and one third.

How did prize money for first place change?

  • The very first present for the first place was JAGUAR NEW E-PACE + 5 tons of fuel.
  • On the second stream, the highest prize was $ 10,000.
  • In the third race, the winner received a BMW X5.
  • Race 3019 pleased the winner with the new Ford Mustang GT 5.0 V8 2018.
  • The previous stream race presented the winner with AUDI Q8.
  • And the winner of this year has become richer by $ 100,000.

Who won the Streamrace?

The winners table for all times is as follows:

Stream Race [Quest Slots]Vituss
Stream Race [Dont Panic]igromania_stream_casino
Stream Race [XXX]vezunchiki
Stream Race 3019LUDOJOP
Stream Race 8chess1k
Stream Race 9Vituss

List of participants for all time

В стрим рейсе за все время приняло участие около 80 стримеров, среди которых: LUDOJOP, Vituss, Nazar, vezunchiki, Karssen, zernovka, AffGambler, azartinfo, cobrik, slotshunter, lucky_slots, MicrogazerAndNetlen, Buratino, DJWILD, Ludomen_team, ChudoCherv, degrov, djokerpro, Play-Slot, TARZAN, Ludachnik, TRIOVZAKONE, dyadyajenia, NeLudic, Zvermka, stepanbalabanov, Mazik, chess1k, demerest, Slesar, RaMcHa, Fartojop, Tv1nk.TV, edward, LUDONOVICHOK, TanyaGloom, Deviant, slotviver, deathshow, rollsrolla, CherryRich, KRoLL, Ludosik, Karateli, segamania, MultiFart34, Lowbro, FARTOVIY, gulagrus, Frostr, ComedyCrab, Shkolnik, Innk, Phoba_Gambler, Ggrigory913, SKiper, Djakarti, igromania_stream_casino, PublicStreamsCasino, KaryselStreams, TwinKy, Aladdin, SlavaSibir, SerLudoman, RedSteelCS, LUDOMAX, Bepo4ka, ShowMan, KykyeBka, Meffik, MissFortuna, prozedex, cergMNV, Ludic, RealMoneyStreamer, Kolbaeb, GoodLuck8888, jetcast, BatonCasino.

How many stages in the race

In each stream race, there are stable 3 stages races. The only exception was the Stream Race [Dont Panic] with one stage.

What is the total prize pool

The total cash prize pool for the entire time in the stream race is $ 461,000 , also 8 luxury cars , a motorcycle and a lot of all kinds of electronics in the form of laptops and smartphones were raffled off.

Where to get cashback code in stream racing

From time to time, cashback codes for a stream race can be found in the official telegram public race.

  1. Official streamrace website
  2. Gamblingcraft official website