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The team of professionals is aiming to increase your profit.
Our mission is to make your cooperation with our partner program more productive. You will be pleasantly surprised by the unsurpassed profitability from one player (life time value) and the minimum outflow of players (churn rate). Easy and intuitive interface allows you to find the necessary information quickly, and possibility to customize the webmaster's panel will save you from boring work with Excel tables.

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You give us traffic we give you - money!
Our reward system is very diverse, we are always ready to meet our webmasters halfway and increase their profits in accordance with the quality of traffic. Here you can find the most suitable payment option for you:
  • RevenueShare

    Payments from casino income reach 50%.

  • CPA

    Up to $450 per one player!*the terms are discussed individually

  • Hybrid

    The combination of CPA and RevenueShare allows you to receive a fixed fee for the attracted players and a certain % of the casino's income for the duration of the player's activity.

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We promise:
  • Continue working on the quality of our products: casino and partner program.The basis of good business is the excellent product Gambling Craft - it's a unique experience at all levels that shows great results!

  • Each period starts from scratch!We do not apply the negative balance of one period to another. Thus, one unsuccessful period does not affect you in the long run.

  • The player you engage is yours forever.All players registered with your referral code are assigned to you forever.

  • Honesty and transparency.We believe that honesty is crucial in any relationship. We do not hide costs and do not manipulate any other data.

  • An old friend is better than two new ones!Long-term cooperation is what we strive for. We appreciate our partners and therefore offer more favorable terms to proven webmasters.

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