Terms and conditions of the affiliate program gambling craft

The terms

  • Online casino — Online platform that allows users to gamble for money;
  • Partner (Webmaster) — A physical or legal person, involved in the promotion of Internet resources, belonging to the clients of Gambling Craft program;
  • Affiliate program — A marketing agency that promotes attracting visitors to the client's website, using partner schemes;
  • Promo materials — Materials used by Partners to promote client products on the Internet and beyond;
  • Players — Persons attracted by the Partner to the online casino website through special mechanisms (referral codes);
  • Income — Cash funds that are credited to the Partner's personal account within the Partner Program, which are part of the income of the online casino from players attracted by the Partner;
  • Accounting period — On the basis of the results of this period, the Partner's earned funds are credited to his personal account within the Partner Program;
  • Payment — Transfer of funds earned by the Partner to a certain payment system;
  • Spam mailing — Any mailing, instant messaging, SMS, forums, chat rooms, social networks or any other way, unauthorized by the addressees, mass mailing of promotional materials.

General working terms

  1. Before registration, each Partner participating in the Gambling Craft affiliate program must carefully read and accept the current terms and conditions of the Partner Program.
  2. Partners of the Gambling Craft partnership program can be legal entities or individuals who have reached the age of 18. The partner is personally responsible for compliance with the age limit.
  3. The affiliate program is not responsible for the safety of the Partner's login and password. The partner is prohibited from transferring the login-password to third parties.
  4. Gambling Craft affiliate program has the right to refuse to work with any Partner without explanation.
  5. Due to the terms of Gambling Craft program, Partners are strictly prohibited from attracting customers using Spam mailing. In the event such facts are discovered, the Partner Program may close the Partner's personal account without paying the partner's fee.
  6. Partners are categorically prohibited from creating personal accounts in the casino using their own referral codes. If such a fact is discovered, the administration immediately blocks the personal accounts of the Partner and the players he has attracted, violating this rule. The funds on these accounts will be irretrievably written off (canceled). Members of the Partner's family and people who are close to him/her are also subject to this rule. The result of the investigation may also be the refusal to cooperate with the Partner.
  7. To promote online casino, the Affiliate Program provides partners with graphic and text materials. In addition, the Partner can use the texts presented on the websites of the online casino, not copying, but processing them. In case of direct copying of text materials, the Gambling Craft Affiliate Program reserves the right to terminate its cooperation with the Partner.
  8. The Partner is obliged to report the sources of his traffic at the request of the Partner Program. In the event such information is not provided, payments to the Partner may be suspended.
  9. The financial costs associated with the fraudulent activities of players, including such as fraud payments, charjbeks and similar actions that bring direct losses, are taken into account in calculating the income of the involved players and, as a consequence, the income of the Partner himself. At the same time, the detection of fraudulent activities does not matter. In the event the amount of the Partner's earnings in the reporting period is not sufficient to cover all losses (when the fraud was discovered) - the funds will be written off directly from the Partner's balance in the Partner Program.
  10. To get paid upon the CPA model, the Partner's players must match the typical parameters of the attracted players. In case of low activity of the players - the Partner's income can be recalculated upon the RevShare model.
  11. The partner can use mailing to attract Players using only legal mailing lists of personal projects, indicating the source of such mailings to the Partner Program. The texts of mailing must be agreed in advance.
  12. In the event there are reasons for Partner's suspicion of violating the rules of the Partner Program, the Partner's account may be blocked, and payments are suspended. When confirming a violation of the rules, the Affiliate Program reserves the right not to pay any fees to the Partner.
  13. In case the Player entered the project using several referral links, the Player is assigned a referral code of the partner, at the link of which the Player entered the last time before registration.
  14. Partner's account can be blocked in case of public slander, unreasonable criticism and other actions leading to reputation losses in relation to the Partner Program or its online casino.
  15. It is prohibited to sell or delegate accounts to third parties, without prior approval with the Partner Program.
  16. Affiliate program prohibits the partners from attracting branded traffic at the usual commission programs. Branded traffic is traffic generated by requests that contain the names of the online casino of the Partner Program in various spelling variants, including typos. To attract players at such requests, preliminary coordination with the Partner Program is necessary. In case of concealment of information about such sources of attraction by the Partner, the Partner Program reserves the right to suspend cooperation with the Partner.
  17. The partner is obliged to indicate objective and up-to-date information about promoted online casinos on their websites. This includes reliable information about current marketing offers (promotions). Indication of unreliable or not up-to-date data may be grounds for suspension of cooperation with the Partner.
  18. Gambling Craft affiliate program can change the Rules of the Affiliate Program without agreement and without prior notification of the Partner. The rules published on the website of the Affiliate Program at this time are considered valid. Chronology of changes in the rules of the Partner Program is not being conducted.
  19. In the event of disputes, the Partner must provide objective reasons for his rightness. The affiliate program is fully prepared to take into account the arguments of the Partner. However, the final decision of the Partner Program is not subject to revision.
  20. Gambling Craft affiliate program reserves the right to lower the tariff plan (up to 20% of RevShare) of the Partner's fee and/or freeze payments if the Partner has not been active for a long time and receives more than 95% of the income from the players registered not in the current payment period.